Glam Bedroom to Conquer the Heart of a Queen

If you have ever dreamt of being a queen in your own castle or a glam celebrity, you should have dreamt to have your home and your master bedroom styled the same chic – high-class furniture, luxurious accessories, gorgeous design, gold and silver, sleek and posh “nest”. Furniture Cart team this week is ready to help your little dreams come true, conjuring up your fantasy bedroom with the modern glamorous design, making you stay breathless and say ‘WOW’ only! Check out more at our blog.



Chateau Beauvais Collection by Michael Amini Furniture

The sweeping influence of the visually stunning French Rococo design flourishes to dramatic life in the Chateau Beauvais Collection by Michael Amini, bringing with it a sense of elegance that was once only seen in the castles of nobility. “Rococo” comes from French word, rocaille (shellwork), and Italian barocco, or Baroque style, used at first as a term of abuse for an outmoded style. Rococo emphasized pastel colors, sinuous curves, and patterns based on flowers, vines, and shells. Classical elements gave way to fantastic mythical beings, frolicking Chinese figures and playful animals. Flowers and plants were used to emphasize sinuous lines which tended more and more towards the asymmetrical.
The bedroom group showcases a mansion bed with unique pillowed wood headboard and footboard, and dresser with bombe styling.

Chateau-Beauvais-BedroomWith signature pierced carvings; intricate inlaid marquetry with a botanical feel; and bombe shaping, Chateau Beauvais boasts details that impress even the most discerning tastes. Finished in a unique duo-tone finish named Noble Bark, Chateau Beauvais evokes images of French flair. Rococo furniture took on a role of comfort and versatility, and Chateau Beauvais follows the example. Throughout the collection, the accent furniture pieces can be moved from room to room, seamlessly blending into the decor. As well, each piece has been carefully designed for maximum comfort.
The dining room boasts a trestle base rectangular dining table that can extend for any occasion, and detailed marquetry with a botanical feel.

Chateau-Beauvais-Dining-RoomThe upholstery features multiple fabrics mixed with metallic leather, and includes several unique pieces including a sweetheart chaise. The gentle inverted shape of the sofa compliments the carved wood and glass oval cocktail table.

Chateau-Beauvais-Living-RoomLike its predecessors, this Rococo styling contains lighter elements, with plenty of curves, and natural, intricate patterns. It is scaled and proportioned to suit any home with impressive elegance. Decorate your home in elegant and delicate manner with Chateau Beauvais Collection by Aico Furniture. Chateau Beauvais will warm the heart, as it makes an unmistakable statement of presence.

Original Home Designs from the Michael Amini Signature Series are designed and built for the ages. With minimal care and maintenance, your investment will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Bob Mackie Home Collection by American Drew

Combine modern function with luxurious glamour in the new Bob Mackie Home Collection by American Drew available at FurnitureCart. This comfortable, eclectic collection offers vertical Prima Vera veneer that flashes across shaped fronts and inlaid tops. A nod to Bob’s lifelong work, a woven motif appears on carved moldings, feet, and the custom designed chunky, jewelry inspired hardware. Soft moldings frame the generous drawers, and borders of Bees Wing Prima Vera define the tops. Accents pieces in faux crocodile embossed leather, champagne colored steel, black granite and lighter colored stone provide the signature Mackie flair of combining sumptuous patterns and interesting textures.


“Over the years I’ve noticed fashion design has become more and more comfortable and very casual; as has contemporary living tastes affected the way people live and function in their homes. Today, when designing furniture, quality and good design are still important, but comfort and function has taken a front seat. Today, people want to live in their entire home and not be afraid to use their favored and loved personal treasures. American Drew and I are so excited and proud to have created a collection of interesting and truly unique pieces. Each piece can stand alone or in combinations that will turn a home into an exciting, modern environment. We think we have may coveted items that certainly could be prize heirlooms of the future.”


  • Birch Solids, Rosewood Veneers, Primavera Veneers
  • Rope & Lace is Primavera
  • Hardwood Solids
  • Maple, Walnut Burl with Primavera ribbon and Ebony inlays
  • Walnut Burl with Primavera feathers
  • Custom hardware that is distinctly Mackie, drop pulls and knobs
  • Black absolute granite tops
  • Side guided drawer slides
  • English dovetail drawers front & rear
  • Leather with a Supple Black look


  • Rope and Lace of Primavera on select pieces
  • Leather stitched low profile sleigh bed
  • Poster bed features a rope with metal cap plumes
  • Panel bed with low profile footboard with lace panel in headboard
  • Round dining table with Lazy Susan and featured pattern
  • Round dining table with lace pattern
  • Oval leg table with ebony border and rosewood top
  • Feathered leaf pattern on several items
  • Silver leaf pieces
  • Turned foot accented with metal
  • Softly shaped bracketed base on some of the cases
  • Mirrors – each mirror is uniquely shaped whether it is oval, round or landscape, combining a mixture of design elements and bringing together a mixture of materials. Using a combination of lace and or feathers

Bob-Mackie-OccasionalThe collection takes a very traditional style and creates a soft elegance incorporating a unique mixture of materials.  The goal was to design the pieces in a lighter scale, telling a veneer and finish story, not creating another massive, carved look.  The finish is critical to this collection and very unique at the price point. The size and scale of this collection accommodates practically every room of the home, from the most gracious master bedroom or dining room to the guest bedroom, special casual dining area or the living area. Whether the consumer is looking for formality or a unique casual elegance, the new Bob Mackie Home Signature Collection addresses it all.

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Charming Villa Valencia Collection by Michael Amini Furniture

Capture the vibrant and romantic lifestyle of Old World Spain in this grand Villa Valencia Collection by Michael Amini Original Furniture Designs available at FurnitureCart. The essence of this collection can be found in the traditional architecture and dramatic natural settings of the villages abutting the crystalline waters of the Spanish coastline.
The Villa Valencia draws its inspirations from the city of Valencia, in Spain. The name itself comes from the Latin name of the city, Valentia, which means “strength” and “vigor.” As it sits in the center of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, Valencia overlooks the Gulf of Valencia, and is backed by mountains and rolling plains, creating a breathtaking environment. This area has seen numerous historical events, and as such, its character has continually developed.


  • Superbly crafted from birch solids with cherry, pecan and elm burl veneers
  • Distinctive marquetry and intricate embellishments complement a classic chestnut finish
  • Uniquely twisted  and shaped marble pilasters adorn select pieces
  • The wood furniture is crowned with  a lighted alabaster-like encasements, providing a soothing and ambient glow
  • Villa Valencia features great attention to detail, as seen on the dramatically carved wood chair, turned arms and hand-carved feet, completely finished with small antique brass nail heads
  • Further  complementing the upholstery pieces are sumptuous pillows in coordinating fabrics and specially designed trims

Amini-Dining-CollectionSolid birch is used in all key structural areas of case goods, as well as chair frames, feet, moldings, trim and carvings, because the close grain and satiny texture of the species brilliantly showcases the rich color of the Fruitwood finish. The natural wood provides a durable substrate, and makes for a heirloom quality piece. All wood drawer construction employs French dovetail fronts and English dovetail backs, which are known for their strong resistance to being pulled apart, as series of tails and pins join together to create a solid joint. Velvet and Cedar lining with metal ball-bearing in the bottom drawers of the dresser and chest gives these drawers a unique fresh aroma that helps protect items stored within, as well as provides a natural insect repellent.
Plywood backs add uncompromising durability and added support. Other companies may use inexpensive MDF, or particleboard backing on their cases, whereas AICO Furniture utilizes multi-layer plywood which is more expensive. The layers in this plywood are cross-bonded in the manufacturing process for added strength. Cross-bonding is a technique where the grain of each wood layer is applied perpendicular to each other. This creates four solid sides in our cases, which translates to an indescribably strong “no-flex” construction, ensuring the longevity of your furniture.
The finest high quality synthetic materials in the traditional carvings, which resist cracking, splitting and warping are used to accentuate the wood designs. The durable synthetic materials take an all the characteristics, beauty and luster of wood, so they never seem out-of-place within the collection.

Michael-Amini-Living-Room-CollectionThe Luxurious Villa Valencia collection draws its details from the history. From its marble relief to the unique multi-faceted beveled glass encasements, Villa Valencia is a timeless collection to be treasured year after year.
Original Home Designs from the Michael Amini Signature Series are designed and built for the ages. With minimal care and maintenance, your investment will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Romantic Cortina Bedroom Collection by Aico Furniture

The bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep; it is your own private retreat, and the most personal room that you will decorate in the entire home. So, discover the elegance of every curve of the romantic Cortina Bedroom Collection by Aico Furniture that will meet your aesthetic needs. From the graceful lines of its deep carvings to the crowning feature of its marble cameo, every inch of Cortina exudes a stately presence with its rich and inviting Honey Walnut finish. Inspired by Mediterranean romance, it brings about emotions of warmth and intimacy.


  • Solid Birch is used in all key structural areas
  • The natural wood provides a durable substrate
  • French dovetail drawer fronts
  • English dovetail drawer backs
  • Velvet and Cedar lining with metal ball-bearings
  • Unique fresh aroma protects items stored within and provides  a natural insect repellent

Cortina-Amini-FurnitureAdd a bit of upscale luxury to your room with this collection and you won’t be compelled to redecorate any time soon. This tasteful selection will create an atmosphere of private place and help you to unwind after a long day.
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