Glam Bedroom to Conquer the Heart of a Queen

If you have ever dreamt of being a queen in your own castle or a glam celebrity, you should have dreamt to have your home and your master bedroom styled the same chic – high-class furniture, luxurious accessories, gorgeous design, gold and silver, sleek and posh “nest”. Furniture Cart team this week is ready to help your little dreams come true, conjuring up your fantasy bedroom with the modern glamorous design, making you stay breathless and say ‘WOW’ only! Check out more at our blog.



Luxury Bedrooms Review: Hollywood Swank Collection by Michael Amini and Jane Seymour

“Good Design needs no Explanation” ‑ Michael Amini

Michael Amini believes that style is something you live and breathe. It’s a reflection of who you are. His luxurious home furnishing is inspired by world of art, culture and fashion. He travels the world collecting objects and ideas. For instance, Amini’s recent collaboration and co-branding with actress and artist Jane Seymour on several unique furniture collections as well as luxury bedding ensembles is having a huge success. One of the successful collections is Hollywood Swank that offers a fully upholstered look found nowhere else.
Bringing drama and passion to your bedroom, the collection casts delicious fabrics, luxurious lacquers and tantalizing textures in a rich dialogue of supporting lines and elements that evoke the symmetry of French Regency and the experiential geometry of Art-Deco. Contrasting backdrops of sensual sables and ivories are brought to life with rays of expressive colors.
With two discerning minds, two distinct vantage points, and two discriminating artistic perspectives, Michael Amini and Jane Seymour have teamed up in a design collaboration to create a singular vision that takes home furnishings to the next level. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with a timeless sensibility that can be passed through the generations.

Hollywood-Swank-Bedroom-CollectionThe headboard features a unique wing shape that ensconces your bed, and wraps you in a feeling of splendor. The light silver genuine leather crystal tufted upholstery that hugs the headboard is trimmed with a wood border that is finished in the Creamy Pearl finish. The beautifully shaped platinum feet add to the integrity of the design, and complete the look of glamour.

A truly unique piece is found in the Hollywood Swank nightstands as they are wrapped in amazing gator vinyl, and are trimmed with designer metal artwork, with glass strips behind. Beveled mirrored fronts on the nightstand are trimmed
with aluminum, creating a truly glamorous piece that perfectly complements the opulent upholstered bed. Two generous drawers are featured, creating optimum storage in an unassuming place. The top drawer of the nightstand features a black velvet-lined jewelry tray with removable center box. Each knob on the nightstand is crystal, which beautifully captures the light in the room, and scatters colors around, creating a unique point of interest on the piece. The legs of the piece are a polished stainless steel, creating a truly glamorous look.

Hollywood-Swank-NightstandLike the nightstands, the dresser is fully wrapped in the dark brown alligator vinyl, creating a very unique finish to the piece. When combined with the platinum color of the finish, and accented with the crystal knobs that are found throughout the collection, the dresser really stands out in an already dramatic bedroom collection. Eight generous drawers are featured for optimum storage of clothes and other items. In addition to the eight visible drawers, one drawer is hidden behind the two doors, creating premium storage, while providing a visual display of beauty as the doors break up any monotony that is created with multitudes of drawers. This hidden drawer features a velvet jewelry tray that is perfect for storing your valuables. Also behind the doors is an adjustable shelf, which creates a perfect storage area for multiple items.

Hollywood-Swank-Dresser-03050-33A high quality, low distortion mirror creates maximum visual appeal. As well, the beveled glass mirror features etched design patterns that border the mirror. The outside edges of the piece feature chrome, which ties in with the Hollywood glamour of the collection. The bottom portion of the frame can be removed if sitting on top of the dresser is the desired location, or added if the mirror is to be hung by itself.

The chest offers four generous, fully velvet-lined drawers, creating optimum storage for any type of clothing or linens. The bottom drawer on the piece is fully cedar-lined, which helps protect woolens or delicate linens, while imparting a wonderful, fresh aroma, as well as providing a natural insect repellant. The middle drawers are faux front, which open to a removable desk insert that features mail slots, two drawers, and a space perfect for holding a laptop
computer, creating an efficient use of space that can be easily hidden when not in use, or removed if an extra drawer is needed. The entire chest is wrapped in alligator vinyl, and features black velvet interiors, as well as the same platinum finished feet that are found throughout the collection.

Hollywood-Swank-Chest-03070-33The vanity offers nine drawers for optimal storage. The two bottom drawers are deep, allowing for larger items to be stored. One door is also featured on the right side, and is designed to look like two drawers, rather than a door. The top left drawer contains a two-plug power outlet, as well as a formica bottom, which provides the perfect storage area for something warm, such as a hair dryer, or a curling iron. The top of the vanity features dropped in smoked mirror panels, which create a pleasing visual display. Around the edge of the vanity is a crystal edge, creating a decorative trim that is rarely found on pieces such as this. The drawers feature the alligator wrap that is found throughout the collection, creating a unity between all the pieces.


Wood Construction Features:

  • All wood drawer construction employs French dovetail fronts, and English dovetail backs, which are known for their strong resistance to being pulled apart, as a series of tails and pins join together to create a solid joint.
  • Plywood backs add uncompromising durability, and added support. Other companies may use inexpensive MDF, or particleboard backing on their cases, whereas we utilize a multi-layer plywood which is more expensive. The layers in this plywood are cross-bonded in the manufacturing process for added strength. Cross-bonding is a technique where the grain of each wood layer is applied perpendicular to each other. This creates four solid sides in our cases, which translates to an indescribably strong “no-flex” construction, ensuring the longevity of your furniture.
  • The finest high quality synthetic materials, which resist cracking, splitting, and warping, are used to accentuate our wood designs. Our durable synthetic materials take on all the characteristics, beauty, and luster of wood, so they never seem out of place within the collection.

With dozens of luxury bedding ensembles to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your personality. Stylish patterns and unique textures will give your bedroom the stylish look you deserve. Visit to explore the possibilities.

Chateau Beauvais Collection by Michael Amini Furniture

The sweeping influence of the visually stunning French Rococo design flourishes to dramatic life in the Chateau Beauvais Collection by Michael Amini, bringing with it a sense of elegance that was once only seen in the castles of nobility. “Rococo” comes from French word, rocaille (shellwork), and Italian barocco, or Baroque style, used at first as a term of abuse for an outmoded style. Rococo emphasized pastel colors, sinuous curves, and patterns based on flowers, vines, and shells. Classical elements gave way to fantastic mythical beings, frolicking Chinese figures and playful animals. Flowers and plants were used to emphasize sinuous lines which tended more and more towards the asymmetrical.
The bedroom group showcases a mansion bed with unique pillowed wood headboard and footboard, and dresser with bombe styling.

Chateau-Beauvais-BedroomWith signature pierced carvings; intricate inlaid marquetry with a botanical feel; and bombe shaping, Chateau Beauvais boasts details that impress even the most discerning tastes. Finished in a unique duo-tone finish named Noble Bark, Chateau Beauvais evokes images of French flair. Rococo furniture took on a role of comfort and versatility, and Chateau Beauvais follows the example. Throughout the collection, the accent furniture pieces can be moved from room to room, seamlessly blending into the decor. As well, each piece has been carefully designed for maximum comfort.
The dining room boasts a trestle base rectangular dining table that can extend for any occasion, and detailed marquetry with a botanical feel.

Chateau-Beauvais-Dining-RoomThe upholstery features multiple fabrics mixed with metallic leather, and includes several unique pieces including a sweetheart chaise. The gentle inverted shape of the sofa compliments the carved wood and glass oval cocktail table.

Chateau-Beauvais-Living-RoomLike its predecessors, this Rococo styling contains lighter elements, with plenty of curves, and natural, intricate patterns. It is scaled and proportioned to suit any home with impressive elegance. Decorate your home in elegant and delicate manner with Chateau Beauvais Collection by Aico Furniture. Chateau Beauvais will warm the heart, as it makes an unmistakable statement of presence.

Original Home Designs from the Michael Amini Signature Series are designed and built for the ages. With minimal care and maintenance, your investment will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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