Create a Perfect Library with Parker House

The room of wisdom and calmness, the place where your imagination walks beyond the borders and travels to different universes and times – that is the library. In ancient times the library was considered the sign of luxury and intelligence. Libraries were in all the main palaces and castles of the kings. Nowadays, you can build your own dream home library, to make it your shelter, the pearl of your home design and your personal luxury. Whether it is a part of your living room or home office, or you dedicate a separate room for the library, it is quite easy with the furniture design solutions by Parker House. Today FurnitureCart guides you to the world of ideal home libraries.

Aria Modular Bookcase Wall by Parker House Furniture



Cozy Love Nest

Only a week is left before St. Valentine’s Day. Are you ready to share love and care with your special one? Today we decided to inspire you with a few ideas how to furnish the house for two even more comfortable, stunning and as romantic as it could be. Make it the place for the two of you only, and this place will not only be your house, but your sweet home and your nest.

FurnitureCart team collected gorgeous and on-trend ideas to furnish the house for the couples in love. Are you ready to get inspired? Discover The House For Two In Love.


Bring Back the Library to Your Home

We are pretty sure at least once for the last few months you thought of grabbing a book and diving into the comfy armchair and switching off the whole world around you! Didn’t you? And, switching on all your attention around the book in your hands. Why not to take even the deeper step into this environment and bring back the library as one of the most important and best parts about your house?

Grand Manor Granada Modular Bookcase Wall by Parker House.jpg

Find out why so many people are coming back to good traditions and save room to turn it into the reading nook or save some space for a library wall in the home office with the Parker House Furniture. Discover more at our blog.