Fun Furniture Facts: Sofas vs Couches

When you are shopping for living furniture such as sofa or couch, the first thing you notice is that there is no significant difference between the two. The terms “sofa” and “couch” are often used interchangeably by some people and refer to the same piece in your living room. Even though they have a lot of similarities, we would like to point to some subtle differences. Below are few differences and examples from FurnitureCart:

Sofa’s Common Features:

  • Soft, padded arm
  • Have soft plump cushions
  • May come with built-in beds
  • Extra cushioning
  • Usually more seating space

Example: Eli – Cocoa Sofa by Ashley Furniture


Couches Common Features:

  • Designed for conversation
  • Straight back
  • Straight arm design
  • Typically don’t have sleepers
  • Occupy less space in the room

Example: Yvette – Steel Couch by Ashley Furniture


Some Fun History Facts!

Sofas Fun Facts:
The word “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “suffah,” meaning “platform used as a seat”. The earliest surviving types, dating back to the 17th century in Europe, have sides that let down for conversion into a bed.  In the 17th century, it referred to a long seat with a full back and raised arm-rests on both sides.

Couches Fun Facts:
The word “couch” comes from the Latin verb “collocare” or from Old French couche, meaning  “to put into place, to lay down”. When the term “sofa” was used in England in the 1600’s, it referred to a part of the floor that was raised and covered in cushions for comfortable seating. Couches were very popular among the Roman culture and appeared in dining rooms rather than living rooms. Three couches were placed around a table so men could relax on the couches as they ate and socialized. Women, on the other hand, had to sit on regular chairs.

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