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Lap top computers have allowed us to work anywhere. Wireless internet lets us work from the deck. Cell phones let us take a call in the bathtub. But despite our compact, portable lives, we’re more in need than ever for landing, or docking station for our lives; a place to settle in… or just to plug in.

Today, a home office can be as simple as a counter in the kitchen or a writing table in the bedroom. Weather checking emails or meeting with clients, the size of our office is less important than how well it works and fits.

1. Pick your Work Style. Choose from FurnitureCart’s Large variety of home office set-ups based on how and where you work.

Compact: Narrow, compact writing desk looks the least “office”-like making it welcome at the foot of a bed, behind a sofa, in the corner of a room or under a window.

Work Station: It’s tough to beat the efficiency of a L-shaped work station. Modeled after efficient corporate cubicles, it offers a large work surface and keeps everything close at hand.

Executive: A pedestal desk with credenza has the scale and charisma to fill a room. This traditional office arrangement is modeled after swanky corporate office suites.

Home Office Planning Tips:
– paint your walls very light colors for best reading light – add a task lamp with a flexible arm
– use modular furniture to create a less cluttered look – use tape to label the equipment each cord belongs to, next to the cord’s plug
– think short-term and long-term storage. Old files can be stored elsewhere in boxes to free up space in drawers and cabinets
– use a keyboard tray that’s 3-5 inches lower than the desk; it’s easier on your arms – avoid placing computer screens across from a window, or next to one
– position monitor screens at eye level Lower is better than higher
– use an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support for the lower back, adjustable seat height, rolling casters and a swivel mechanism

2. Pick your Pieces. Customize the specific furniture pieces you need to suit your storage and space needs.

Our favorite Home Office Suites:

Porter Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Kinley Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Cross Island Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Hamlyn Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Theo Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Holfield Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture
Carlyle Home Office Collection by Ashley Furniture

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