We went green this week for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

Green is the color of spring room decorating. St Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to get inspired by pleasant and stylish shades of green color. Bright shades of green color are pleasant and fresh. Modern citrus yellow and olive shades of green color look cheerful, warm and sunny. Get in the spirit for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and spruce up for the season with a fresh dose of green from FurnitureCart.com!

We went green this week for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend!

Green symbolizes nature. The botanical images bring all shades of green into our homes from deep greens, muddy greens through to fresh citrus shades. More natural colors like moss and sage are refreshing, while brighter greens are vibrant and stimulating. Because it is balanced, calming and supportive in nature, green is not conducive to argument or conflict. So rooms where decisions need to be made, such as offices, would benefit from being painted green.

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