Sleepharmony at FurnitureCart – revive your sleep!

Sleepharmony, a Glideaway product line for almost a decade, offers mattresses, pillows, protectors, and youth items customized to offer a new sleep and comfort experience. Sleepharmony is truly a complete manufacturer of bed products. Their premium ventilated memory foam mattresses are designed for durability and comfort, while still maintaining a very affordable price. All foams Sleepharmony uses are CeriPUR-US approved to meet rigid environmental, health, and durability standards, and almost every single product they make comes with a manufacturer warranty.

The mission with Sleepharmony products is simple; to give you back your sleep. After years of researching sleep patterns, bedding materials and construction Sleepharmony presents a revolutionary new sleep experience. This experience is designed to maximize restfulness, while minimizing those discomforts that impede proper sleep. After a single nights sleep you will awaken relaxed, revived and rejuvenated . . . so join Sleepharmony at FurnitureCart and revive your sleep.


Introductory price point. Medium-firm to medium-soft feel. Sleepharmony memory foam gently conforms to your body and cradles you in comfort. Reduces pressure points for less tossing and turning for more relaxing sleep.


Higher profile memory foam to provide premium options. Medium-soft to soft feel. Sleepharmony memory foam highly conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. Reduces pressure points for less tossing and turning and a more restful sleep.


The Sleepharmony Youth Visco mattresses and pillows are designed specifically for a child’s build and are available in several bright and fun colors.


Protect Your Sleep with Sleepharmony Mattress and Pillow Protectors. The Protectors offer a barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens and are also waterproof to protect your mattress. They also protect your mattress warranty by guarding against stains and have a 10 year limited warranty themselves.

What to look for when buying a new mattress?
Sleep experts recommend a firm support system with no sag or hammock. The special support of our memory foam mattresses provides the deep down support for your back. On average people toss and turn 50 times a night. Your body sends an impulse to your brain signaling that circulation is being cut off. Your brain then pulls you out of the deep rejuvenating stages of sleep to turn over in hopes to restore proper circulation. The layers of memory foam in Sleepharmony mattresses provide the necessary pressure relief for minimal tossing and turning. Push down on the mattress firmly with both hands. The unique, memory foam support will let the heaviest parts of your body (your shoulders and hips) sink into the mattress without experiencing circulation cutoff.

Revive your sleep with Glideaway’s Sleepharmony mattress line. FurnitureCart offers a variety of memory foam options to maximize restfulness for all sleep types.