The Importance of Color in Your Living Room

Color isn’t only about visual appearance — it can also invoke certain feelings and reactions. Keep this in mind as you look for decorating tips: warm colors give intimacy to large rooms, light and cool colors make a room appear more spacious, dark colors give mood and atmosphere. Consider this guide when choosing color for your living room furniture:

White is for people, who are well-balanced, self-contained and charismatic. White signifies light and serenity. In addition to having a calming effect, white is versatile and can fit into both contemporary and more traditional design schemes. As for practicalities, white is perfect for making small spaces expand visually, but if you have pets its better to say no to white carpet or sofa. Jasmine Living Room Set (White)

Jasmine Living Room Set (White) by Coaster Furniture

Red is best applied in places that require warmth. Combined with a neutral palette, red color brings an injection of energy into environment that enhances any busy lifestyle. Choose from a variety of tones found in wines, spices, or berries to add warmth to a room, or add energy with bright red.

Darby - Spice Living Room Set

Darby – Spice Living Room Set by Signature Design by Ashley Furniture

Blue is a color of contemplation and its smoothes those prone to anxiety or stress. It is one of the most popular decorating colors. It’s also known to invoke peacefulness and encourage productivity. Try a lighter, warmer hue to encourage relaxation. Blue and white is a classic living room and bathroom combination.

Allendale - Mist Living Room Set

Allendale – Mist Living Room Set by Millennium by Ashley Furniture

Green symbolizes nature. The botanical images bring all shades of green into our homes from deep greens, muddy greens through to fresh citrus shades. More natural colors like moss and sage are refreshing, while brighter greens are vibrant and stimulating. Because it is balanced, calming and supportive in nature, green is not conducive to argument or conflict. So rooms where decisions need to be made, such as offices, would benefit from being painted green.

Comfort Zone - Sage Reclining Living Room Set

Comfort Zone – Sage Reclining Living Room Set by Ashley Furniture

Brown is a calming, natural, and neutral color that works well as a primary color or as an accent. Chocolate brown is a popular and versatile decorating color. It is best used in rooms to create a feeling of coziness, consider it for comfy living rooms or cozy bedrooms.

Braxton - Java 6-Piece Sectional Living Room Set

Braxton – Java 6-Piece Sectional Living Room Set

Black is stylish and authoritative. It works great with neutrals or as an accent to a colorful palette. It can be overpowering, so use it sparingly.

Caledonia Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set (Black)

Caledonia Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set (Black) by Wholesale Interiors

Don’t shy away from any one particular color. Mix colors and materials to create a home that is relaxed and comfortable. For example, if you like red but hesitate to make it a primary focus, try red throw pillows or window treatments. Use Magazines to choose styles and colors that attract you and shop for furniture at