Back to School Essentials: Bunk & Loft Beds

Are you still in back-to-school mode? Add a bunk bed or a loft bed to your kid’s room or dorm room to create a perfect space for study and fun.
Bunk or Loft Bed is a great answer to a limited space. If you are looking for kids bunk beds, here at we are happy to offer great selection of bunk and loft beds. And don’t forget, we offer a great selection of kids and youth bedding and accessories.
Computer Desk. One of the most popular loft bed designs is one that incorporates a computer desk. The space beneath a “top” bunk is perfect for housing the computers that are so much a part of life for today’s teens. Loft bed with desk is great for kids who are sharing the space in a dorm or with a sibling. This way the additional space can be used for storing personal things.
Workstation Twin Bunk Bed (Oak)  Morrell Workstation Bunk Bed
Storage and Trundle. The most common bunk bed designs incorporate storage drawers beneath the lower bunk to maximize storage capacity. Storage Bunk Bed can help you clear out clutter, as it gives you opportunity to accommodate sleepover guests.
Safari Bunk Bed with Trundle  Meadowbrook Bunk Bed with Trundle (White)
Sitting Space. Sitting area under upper bank bed will give your child a comfortable place to relax and read a book. Some loft beds are designed to fit even a TV along with the chair to create an ultimate playroom. Check out new convertible loft beds from Coaster Furniture.

Convertible Loft Bed (Cappuccino)
Convertible Loft Bed (White)

When shopping for bunk or loft bed, the first thing you need to consider is the child’s age. This will help you decide what kind of design of bunk beds for kids you should be looking for. If your child is in pre-teens, then you can consider bunk and loft bed idea which has a suitable theme, and comes with a play area. There are castle, pirate ship and fire station themes, princess houses and much more. If you want to make loft bed to last a long time, then go for wooden loft beds for kids. However, if you want a more economic and light looking design of bunk or loft bed, then consider going for metal framed beds.