Fresh As A Lemonade

The top-famous refreshing summer drink for kids and adults beats the heat since old times. Go further with the refreshment this summer and add tones of lemon into your home palette. Juicy and pale yellows will give the reviving energy for months and years to come.

Yellow is undoubtedly sunny and radiant. Cream yellow will make the room charming, bright yellow will become an accent, and the lemonade yellow will make it all fresh in the hottest days. Get inspired with a few fresh yellow furniture ideas collected by FurnitureCart, and discover ways to give any room an infusion of sunny decor. Discover more about inspiring Yellow Furniture today.



4 Reasons To Love Small Spaces

Urban living is sometimes hectic and messy, still, we love it to the full. Big city dwellers usually prefer living in small spaces and studios, due to the reasonably fair prices above all. Yet, that is not the only reason to love the smaller spaces more. The FurnitureCart team collected the ultimate benefits of small space-living and shares them with you today. Discover today 4 Reasons Small Spaces Have A Bunch Of Benefits.

In The Hotspot Of Modern Style

In the Epicenter of the style, freshness, and trends. Please welcome, the Epicenters 33127 Collection by ART Furniture on FurnitureCart. The dew and coolness much needed in the gorgeous coastal yet glamorous and stylish home. With an abundance of white with its crisp, blue, mixed together with the splashes of vibrant colors, the home becomes attractive, cozy, and really cool space this summer. Dive into the thick of beauty of your home style with the Epicenters. Discover more about The Epicenters 33127 Collection by ART Furniture.


Minimalist Decor Charm: Less Is More

The minimalist movement is staying on top of trends. It is far more than just a home decorating theme. It’s a global way of life, when at the utmost value is in a simple life, owning just what you need, keeping life uncluttered and generating less waste with the due honor to nature. The style embraces various specific ‘narrow’ flairs like Scandinavian minimalist, modern and industrial minimal style, Japandi and Scandinese. Discover today: How to decorate in Minimalist Style right?

How To Create Flow In Your Living Room Floor Plan

Furniture arrangement is not only about the right pieces in the proper places, but it is also about using the empty spaces around to create a flow in the floor plan. You want to avoid heavy traffic in the busiest room of your house – the living room, and you want every person to feel and move around comfortably without bumping into the corners of the furniture pieces, as well as to sit comfortably, without being squeezed and feeling tightened. Follow the FurnitureCart’s key rules for a family room furniture arrangement, and enjoy the balance and harmony in your home. Discover more about the key rules and measurements to make the living room as comfortable as possible


Cottage Chic Home by Legends Furniture

Celebrate the relaxing weekend at the loveliest home ever! If you’ve been dreaming to have the home, you adore to every detail, the coziest spot that lures you back to your shelter, and is the true delight to the eye, we know the right solution. Cottage chic style in its sophistication and graceful look has been recreated by the Legends Furniture in the Laurel Grove Collection. Discover more about Cottage Chic created by the Legends Furniture.

Laurel Grove Poster Bedroom Set by Legends Furniture

Space Saving Beds for Kids

It’s not only about storage beds for kids! The FurnitureCart team collected brilliant ideas to make the kids’ room simply beautiful and functional in saving space. It does not matter whether it is small or narrow. You can always find the right kids’ room set to fit your room scheme on Furniture Cart. Back to the point, let us introduce you the designers’ list on Space Saving Beds for Kids.

Nautia Twin over Full Bunk Bed by Furniture of America